Soup of the day or Small green salad or Chef’s entrée
Choice of desserts
Coffee or tea

Omelette (your choice) 24
Fish’N Chips 26
Pasta of the day 26
Blood pudding with apples 28
Grilled Salmon 29
Flank steak (with shallots and fries) 30
Milk fed calf liver 30
Chef’s Specialty 30
Fish from the market 33
Lobster (your choice)38

Lunch Chez Alexandre

Soup of the day 13
Mixed salad 13
Filet of herring (warm potatoes) 14
Bone marrow (Guérande salt) 14
Classic Caesar salad 15
Fried calamaris (tartare sauce) 16
Snails in garlic butter sauce 16
Fresh salmon, aligoté marinade 16
Salad of green beans and homemade foie gras 16
French onion soup 16
Beef Carpaccio and reggiano parmesan 17
Warm seared duck terrine (with green lentils) 17
Avocado with crab meat 17
Foie gras au torchon (caramelized fig)23

Chez Alexandre Entree

Mussels in white wine 24
Quenelle of pike (lobster sauce) 24
Salmon with Du Puy green lentils 26
Grilled giant shrimp and scallops 28
Choucroute de mer (scallops, shrimps, haddock, salmon and more) 29
Fish of the day 30
Black cod (confit at 700, spinach, «Pedro Ximénez» and pine nuts)33

Chez Alexandre Fish

Night Xpress $34

6 PM – 2 AM

Soup of the day
Mixed Salad

Grilled filet of salmon (fresh vegetables)
Flank Steak (Angus) (shallots and home fries)
Grilled Chicken Breast (fresh vegetables or home fries)

Sorbet of the day or Crème caramel

Chez Alexandre Express

Grilled chicken breast (with Caesar salad) 24
Blood pudding with apple (mashed potatoes) 25
Ox cheek cooked 12 hours 27
Knuckle of milk fed veal (mashed potatoes) 28
Duck confit 28
Cassoulet Toulousain (duck, sausages and white beans) 28
Milk fed calf liver (broccoli and mashed potatoes) 29
Glazed shoulder of lamb (couscous à la Provençale) 30
Sauerkraut with champagne (Moët & Chandon)35

Main Courses Chez Alexandre

Flank steak with shallots and fries 28
Steak and home fries 30
Steak tartare and home fries 30
Grilled sirloin steak and home fries 36
Grilled filet mignon (olive oil and Guérande salt) 42
Roast prime rib and home fries (for 2)92
Bordelaise or pepper sauce 6
Vegetables or mushrooms9

Chez Alexandre Meats

Served with fries or salad

Vegetarian panini (Bocconcini, tomatoes, basil) 16
Crab on croissant (tomatoes and lettuce) 16
Ham baguette (with brie, gruyère or goat cheese +2$) 17
Grilled chicken panini Cumin, paprika, lettuce and sour cream 17
Croque monsieur tomatoes, mayo and ham 19
Roast beef on baguette with caramelized onions20

Chez Alexandre Sandwich

Raspberry sorbet or mango and coconut 11
Old fashioned crème caramel 12
Chocolate mousse 12
Frozen parfait with Grand Marnier (honey and brown sugar) 13
Crème brûlée, the classic 14
Café de Paris, Bombe glacée (vanilla, coffee) 15
Black chocolate fondant16

Chez Alexandre Desser